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I collected some pretty nice treasures today! I didn’t even have to hunt! Let me cut to the chase…

1) Milka – It’s one of my favorite chocolate brands. It brings me fond memories of trips I took with my Mom to Germany during my pre-domestic goddess days. A couple of little bites and I’m transported to various German cities. And I didn’t even have to board a Lufthansa flight! Don’t you just love taking gastronomic trips? No passports and visas required!

2) Surprise Package – Good things come in small packages. Today, it came in a USPS box. The good things? Food from the Philippines (Lapid’s Freshly-Popped Chicharon, pastillas de leche and macapuno balls)!

July is officially my personal Christmas! Haha! I love going to the mailbox. I always expect to receive something nice. And almost everyday, I do! ;)

3) “Thank You.” – Hubby and our little girl never fail to thank me for cooking a meal. They’re so sweet.

4) Pool Time – I love taking my daughter to swim class. I should really go swim, too, but I like to just relax on a lounge chair with a book and to chat and share some good laughs with my mommy friends. Being near the pool just plain relaxes me.

5) Friendly Cashiers – Check-outs are so much nicer and more pleasant when the person at the register is friendly and helpful and shares in my joy for snagging some very good deals. I’m blessed to almost always bump into them. Cashier profiling works! Kidding! :P

6) School Supplies – Just a handful more items and I’m officially done shopping for school supplies. I got some reasonably-priced items at Walmart.  The rest  I will buy from Target. ;)

7) EBay – That needs no explanation. ;)

How was your treasure hunt for Thursday? Mabuhay!


As I go through the day and something makes me smile or laugh or just feel good, I make a mental note of it for possible inclusion in my list of daily blessings. I’ve got a few good ones today and ordinarily, these are things that would be taken for granted. Here’s my list of treasures for today, in no particular order…

1. Toll Road 183-A – This road takes me to my favorite Target location in 5 minutes flat! And yes, I was at Target again today. The man of the house ever so sweetly sent me there to buy filter for the fridge, which was unavailable in the Target location I visited yesterday. I’d take any excuse – maybe even make up one! – to go to Target! I can go there every single day. Hee hee. :D

2. Parking spot under the shade of a tree – This is how twisted we are. We don’t have those sun shades for the car.  So what we find ourselves doing is parking under a tree, extreme possibility of bird droppings notwithstanding. Haha! The parking spot was a little far away from the entrance of Target, giving me a chance to use my legs and burn an almost negligible amount of calories. Well, every step counts! Come to think of it, shade or no shade, I like parking far away from a building’s entrance. Seriously!

3. My trusty Ikea wok. – I’ve been cooking a lot these past few days. For the second consecutive day, I cooked with my wok, which brings us to #4.

4. Sweet and Spicy Shrimp – Simple yet yummy dish, which won me even more ganda (beauty) points from hubby and daughter. ;) I hope to post the recipe on my food blog as soon as I’m through with this entry. *cross fingers*

5. Mario Batali’s Molto Italiano cookbook  – I’ve had this cookbook for a very long time. But I don’t recall ever “consulting” it, that is, until today. I made (thin) spaghetti carbonara for dinner. Dinner was a hit with hubby and daughter. They were very well fed today. More ganda points for me! Hee hee.

6. More tennis videos of my very own little top-seed! – During tennis lessons this morning, the head coach at tennis camp invited me to come closer to the court so I can take a video of my girl at a better vantage point as she sampled the forehand to her fellow tennis campers. That was a very welcome surprise, because for the last three days, I just take my videos from outside the fence! :D

The day’s over. I’m ready to receive Friday’s treasures. :)

Cheers and mabuhay, y’all!  Blessings all around!