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I’ve been busy, something I’m truly thankful for. Between my last entry and today, we’ve had a hearty harvest of blessings. I hope to get into a lot of them really really soon – like my daughter’s birthday for instance. It’s funny how every night I make a draft for a blog entry in my head. It’s a shame that they’re all just in there and in my heart. So don’t anybody startle me, lest all the drafts get shuffled!

If there’s one thing that I’m especially thankful for today, it’s that RE (Religious Ed.) went well. For the 4th consecutive year, I volunteered to be a catechist in our parish. But this year is a tad different because after teaching kindergarteners for 3 years, I am now teaching 2nd graders. Yes, I’ve taken on the challenge of helping 7 and 8-year old kids get ready for their First Communion. I admit, I’m quite nervous! But with God’s grace, everything’s going A-ok. Whew!  After class today, I felt really happy – for lack of a more profound and poetic word to describe how I felt. Whatever doubts I had about teaching sacrament preparation classes, they just sort of vanished. I had so much fun I was practically skipping all the way back to the car! *blushes*

Teaching RE is a commitment I made with God for an answered prayer. I also have a 13-year old commitment I made with Him, which I have been unable to fulfill in the manner I used to back home. But this year, I will get back to it with a bang. ;)

Thank you, dear God, for giving me these small windows of opportunity, that allow me to show you in a more special way, just how truly grateful I am for your miracles. Amen.

Another 2-in-1 post. That’s a heck of a whole lot better than 3-in-1. ;)


Monday was marvelous because…

– I got to just chill for most of the day. Since we had guests last Sunday, the house has been tidied up. I also didn’t have to cook because we have left overs! Yeah!

– I made my usual rounds of my favorite stores and got everything I set out to buy except for 2 things.

– I liked Pier 1 on Facebook and got a $10 coupon. Guess where I was in the early evening of Monday. ;)

– my Munchkin Girl asked the darnedest thing while having dessert…

Munchkin Girl: Does Mimi (her maternal grandmother) have a sweet tooth?

Munchkin Mommy: Yes!

Munchkin Girl: Which one?


Tuesday was terrific because…

– I still didn’t have to cook! (Read: Leftovers and 2-piece $0.99 chicken at Church’s)

– of the melt in your mouth goodness that was the pastillas de leche we received in the mail a few days ago.

– my Munchkin Girl again said the darnedest thing while pleading her case for a new doll. I told her, “Maybe.” (That’s maybe to a Target doll, mind you!) And in the funniest sing-song manner, she said, “Maybe ka johhhhhn (diyan).”

– I discovered voice recordings of my daughter on hubby’s IPhone, which had me laughing uncontrollably.

I’ve got some pretty busy days ahead. This might not be the last of my 2-in-1 posts. :D

Cheers, y’all! Mabuhay!

To go through the day in a state of gratitude and thankfulness is a choice. We want to choose it, yes, but it’s sometimes easier to just get sucked into all things negative.  Knowing that I have to end the day with a list of things I’m thankful for leaves my “thankfulness radar” on high alert throughout the day so much so that I’ve gotten better at finding the positive in things that would otherwise be given a negative connotation, say, “chores”.  In the real world, who likes and looks forward to doing chores? Ha!

Here’ my list of terrifics:

1) Laundry – You read that right! Laundry! I don’t mind the loading into the washer and the dryer. What I mind – or at least, “used to” – is the folding and delivery to the respective closets. While I was folding clothes today, I told myself, instead of whining about laundry, I should be thankful instead that I have clothes to wash and fold…nice ones, at that! How’s that for a breakthrough? My therapist would be proud…if I had one. :P

2) “I love freestyle!” – That was music to my ears! I guess I wasn’t the only one who had a breakthrough today. :) My daughter told me that during her swim class, when she reached the edge of the pool close to where I was seated and attempting to read a book.

3) “I want to do my worksheets now.” – Say what? My daughter, who would  avoid doing any semblance of school work (mana sa…) actually asked for her “summer homework”. Well, well, well, I can get used to this!

4) Church’s Chicken Tuesdays – 2 pieces of chicken are only $0.99 at Church’s on Tuesdays.  Guess what we had for dinner. *wink*

5) Safe Travels – Someone I dearly love just got closer, closer she and I.  (Cue in Close-up music…” The closer I get to touching you, the closer I get to loving you, give it time just a little more time, we’ll be togehter…)

6) Ninang Auntie and Ninong Uncle – They are greatly and in part responsible for #5. ;)

Thank you, God, for a terrific Tuesday! Mabuhay!

These are my highs for today…

1. We managed to only be 5 minutes late for tennis camp. Whew!  The drive to the camp location takes between 20 and 30 minutes.  The route provides  us with quite a scenic view, which just takes my our breath away every time. Whenever the scenic part of the drive begins, we all wish and daydream a little…it would be nice – really nice! –  to live in that area. *wishful sigh* Dear God, I know you can hear me! Will you let us? Please? :)

2.  My Munchkin Girl is actually enjoying her tennis camp!  After she has her turn hitting the balls, she skips to take her place at the back of the line.  She even smiles a lot!  That’s a relief for hubby and me. Tennis camps can be pricey, I have to admit. But to see my daughter having fun while learning the sport and actually want to come back again the next day, that is just priceless.

3. Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and Pitbull helped me break a sweat. It was fun! I’ve missed hanging out with them.  Tomorrow, we shall get together again! *wink*

4. I’m still getting birthday greetings! Hee hee.  Keep ’em coming! It’s my birth month after all.  It will be weird to receive birthday greetings in August. :P

Cheers y’all! Mabuhay!