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Wednesday was a winner in so many ways. Today, I am most thankful for the following…

1. Target. Oh, that needs no explanation! Hee hee. I love Target. I’ve loved this store since the first time I set foot in it as an 11-year old tourist from the Philippines. Anyway, I was at Target today. I was able to snag two pairs of footwear for my Munchkin Girl at 75% off the original price…

I know they’re identical pairs. But I just couldn’t find it in me to leave one pair behind. Kawawa naman, diba? :P As for the rest of the stuff I bought at Target, I paid close to nothing for them. Weeheehee! Thank you, Target coupons!  My daughter couldn’t be happier with her loot. She loves footwear that sparkles and lights up!

2. My daughter is my Mini Me, but I am sure glad she didn’t get my feet. She got her dad’s! *sigh of relief* If she got my feet, then those sexy sandals would be out of the question. :P

3. Fishballs!

I made fishballs for lunch.  We were all happy about that! I was also able to experiment with the dipping sauce and came up with one that was close to how the sweet and spicy dipping sauce of street vendors taste.

4. Family tennis time. My daughter is loving tennis so much that she wanted to play again earlier this evening.  So we did. A friend of ours, who is an awesome tennis player, came and played with us as well. Thank you, A! :)

That’s about it for today!  Cheers and mabuhay!

PS:  Coming up with a list of things I’m thankful for everyday has made me even more keenly aware of every little thing I should count as a blessing. Yay me! Go ahead and give it a try! :)


And that, my dear readers is the new tagline of this blog. Today, July 10th, is as good a time as any to give this space the rebirth it has been longing for after a very long slumber. After all, today happens to be my birthday and I’m feeling especially thankful. *wink*

My latest Facebook status update pretty much sums up the tone this space will take from hereon…

Happiness is feeling and knowing that one is loved and especially blessed. I felt and I knew. I feel and I know. I am thankful and I am happy…very. Thank you, friends and family, who made me feel and let me know. Most of all, thank you, dear God! :)

As I count my blessings – things big and small that I’m thankful for – I urge you to do the same, everyday and every chance you get! Counting our blessings and being thankful for them are just two of the simplest things we can do to give way to countless more blessings to be thankful for. So make room! Blessings are about to pour in. And I am very very excited!

Happy re-birthday to this blog! Happy birthday to me!  Thank you, dear God, for your goodness, for all that I am, for all that I have and for all that I will receive.

Cheers, y’all!  Mabuhay!



That’s right! After a 6-month long neglect, I thought it’s about time I gave this space a much needed overhaul. I’ve long been planning on moving my old entries elsewhere. Finally, I made good with my plan. What’s going to happen here then? Ooh, you’ll find out really really soon.  Promise, it won’t take me another 6 months, just a couple of days more, really.  I’m excited!

Cheers and mabuhay, y’all!  Catch y’all later! *wink*