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Today’s date is 24 March 2008. It’s about time I write something on this page…

Hi there! I’m Munchkin Mommy. *flashes biggest smile* I discovered the wonderful world of blogging in May 2005 but blogged on and off. I’ve grown more diligent since then. :D This site is my personal online journal. I thought when I started blogging that it would be nice to write about my little girl, who was then about 9 months old. Fast forward to today, I’ve talked about almost anything and everything under the sun. From that fateful day in May 2005, I now have two other blogsites, Mapped Memories and Cafe Munchkin. God only knows if I would come up with another one…or two….or three more. Hahaha!

Welcome to my home on the web and I hope you enjoy your visit. Cheers and God bless! :)

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