Thankful Log 09.20.11 – 15

on September 20, 2011 in Terrific Tuesday

I’ve been busy, something I’m truly thankful for. Between my last entry and today, we’ve had a hearty harvest of blessings. I hope to get into a lot of them really really soon – like my daughter’s birthday for instance. It’s funny how every night I make a draft for a blog entry in my head. It’s a shame that they’re all just in there and in my heart. So don’t anybody startle me, lest all the drafts get shuffled!

If there’s one thing that I’m especially thankful for today, it’s that RE (Religious Ed.) went well. For the 4th consecutive year, I volunteered to be a catechist in our parish. But this year is a tad different because after teaching kindergarteners for 3 years, I am now teaching 2nd graders. Yes, I’ve taken on the challenge of helping 7 and 8-year old kids get ready for their First Communion. I admit, I’m quite nervous! But with God’s grace, everything’s going A-ok. Whew!  After class today, I felt really happy – for lack of a more profound and poetic word to describe how I felt. Whatever doubts I had about teaching sacrament preparation classes, they just sort of vanished. I had so much fun I was practically skipping all the way back to the car! *blushes*

Teaching RE is a commitment I made with God for an answered prayer. I also have a 13-year old commitment I made with Him, which I have been unable to fulfill in the manner I used to back home. But this year, I will get back to it with a bang. ;)

Thank you, dear God, for giving me these small windows of opportunity, that allow me to show you in a more special way, just how truly grateful I am for your miracles. Amen.

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