Terrific Tuesday #2

on July 20, 2011 in Terrific Tuesday

To go through the day in a state of gratitude and thankfulness is a choice. We want to choose it, yes, but it’s sometimes easier to just get sucked into all things negative.  Knowing that I have to end the day with a list of things I’m thankful for leaves my “thankfulness radar” on high alert throughout the day so much so that I’ve gotten better at finding the positive in things that would otherwise be given a negative connotation, say, “chores”.  In the real world, who likes and looks forward to doing chores? Ha!

Here’ my list of terrifics:

1) Laundry – You read that right! Laundry! I don’t mind the loading into the washer and the dryer. What I mind – or at least, “used to” – is the folding and delivery to the respective closets. While I was folding clothes today, I told myself, instead of whining about laundry, I should be thankful instead that I have clothes to wash and fold…nice ones, at that! How’s that for a breakthrough? My therapist would be proud…if I had one. :P

2) “I love freestyle!” – That was music to my ears! I guess I wasn’t the only one who had a breakthrough today. :) My daughter told me that during her swim class, when she reached the edge of the pool close to where I was seated and attempting to read a book.

3) “I want to do my worksheets now.” – Say what? My daughter, who would  avoid doing any semblance of school work (mana sa…) actually asked for her “summer homework”. Well, well, well, I can get used to this!

4) Church’s Chicken Tuesdays – 2 pieces of chicken are only $0.99 at Church’s on Tuesdays.  Guess what we had for dinner. *wink*

5) Safe Travels – Someone I dearly love just got closer, closer she and I.  (Cue in Close-up music…” The closer I get to touching you, the closer I get to loving you, give it time just a little more time, we’ll be togehter…)

6) Ninang Auntie and Ninong Uncle – They are greatly and in part responsible for #5. ;)

Thank you, God, for a terrific Tuesday! Mabuhay!

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