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Note: July 21, 2011 – I changed the title of my weekend entries from Winner Weekend to Wickedly Awesome Weekend. Why? Because I realized just now that my Wednesday entries are called Winner Wednesday. Oops! Hee hee. I confuse myself sometimes. :)

I had every intention of posting an entry yesterday, Saturday, but I got too caught up with one of my earning working blogs. :)  I decided that I will just post one entry for my weekend “winnings”. ;) Here it goes…


1. Bacon and Pork Sausage – For the first time in a very very very long time, I cooked bacon and pork sausage for breakfast. The kitchen smelled heavenly! Yummmm. It was like having a Hampton Inn breakfast right in our very own home…only better! Haha! :P

2. Free shopping money from Kohl’s – Hubby and I have both been receiving free shopping money from Kohl’s to the tune of $10 almost every month for some time now. That is definitely a winner!

3.  International Crepe Passport – That’s the lunch I had at IHOP, for free! It’s a birthday thing. Yes, I’m still celebrating my birthday! Haha!


1. $1 Italian Brunch Buffet at Cannoli Joe’s – This would have been free if we went to Cannoli Joe’s on a weekday.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 – Hubby and I got to go on a rare movie date, just the two of us, through (see #3)…

3.  the kindness of dear friends, who offered to watch our little girl. *wink*

4. Buy with Me Fandango Deal – Because of a movie deal I bought through Buy with Me (a daily deals site) a few weeks back, hubby and I got to enjoy Harry Potter in 3D for only $12, for both of us! Without the deal, the tickets we bought online would have set us back a good $24. I’m glad I grabbed that deal! Two of them, actually! ;)

5. Piano – I love love the feel of the black and white ivory keys on my fingers. Although I felt a pang of piano ache while giving our friends’ piano a try, I was really happy with their new toy and that they let me give it a try. I must save for one!

6. Future Harvard Freshman – I love the shirt hubby got our little girl when he was in Boston. How’s that for sending the universe a message?

It was a winner of a weekend, indeed. Good times!

Cheers, y’all! Mabuhay and have a marvelously great week ahead!