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Thank.God.It’s.Friday!!! Do you love Fridays? I do! I’ve loved Fridays since I started going to school! Haha! It brings with it the promise of a wonderful weekend. Just how wonderful is all up to us. ;)

Here are the fantastic things I am especially appreciative of and very much thankful for today:

1) Plan B – When you make plans, do you make it a point to have a Plan B? Hubby and I want to watch the very last Harry Potter movie EVER. Unfortunately, our Munchkin Girl doesn’t want to, because the first installment of Deathly Hollows gave her nightmares. We came up with Plan A, which was to watch the movie with our friends. Plan A went pfft! But Plan B – ha! – Plan B worked like a charm, leaving 7 people (that’s 3 Harry Potter movie naysayers and their parents) very happy. Plan B = compromise = a good dose of happiness for everyone.

2) BOGO – A cousin of mine had a work colleague who thought BOGO was a brand. Hee hee. BOGO is short for buy one , get one.  My favorite kind of BOGO is Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, a close second is Buy 1 Get 1 half off. :D This morning, Hubby and I enjoyed a McCafe frappe each for the price of one. Buy 1 Get 1 Free! My kind of BOGO, I tell yah!

3) Being Ahead of the Game – Store displays now scream back-to-school.  Seriously, I don’t understand the rush. :P I’m not quite ready to think about school just yet. Haha! Anyway, I checked my stash of school supplies and realized that we already have on hand, close to half of the items in my daughter’s school supplies list. Woot!  I bought them last year at the time when school supplies were already on clearance. Proud moment for me. Wais na misis…that’s how we say it. ;)

4) A friend’s Update – I was laughing out loud in the car this afternoon, on our way to the pool, when I read the thread for my friend’s (Hi AbbyG!) uploaded photo on   That thread was hilarious! It felt good to just suddenly burst out laughing. :)

5) Exclusive Pool – My daughter had a playdate at the pool with two friends. When the sun finally started to set, everybody left, that is, except for us. And for a good 30 minutes or so, my daughter and her friends had the pool all to themselves. ;)

6. Look, Ma! No glare! – I love the fact that I am able to read in broad daylight, even when the sun’s shining summer-y bright behind me. No Glare = No Eye Strain = Happy Reader

I’m currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, the second book in  Stieg Larsson’s trilogy (the first was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). I hope to finish the book soon so I can move on to the third book in the series and then watch the movie adaptations on Netflix. Never  mind if they’re in Swedish. :D That’s what subtitles are for!

Have a lovely weekend, y’all! Be on the lookout for blessings and remember to count them. Cheers and mabuhay!