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As I go through the day and something makes me smile or laugh or just feel good, I make a mental note of it for possible inclusion in my list of daily blessings. I’ve got a few good ones today and ordinarily, these are things that would be taken for granted. Here’s my list of treasures for today, in no particular order…

1. Toll Road 183-A – This road takes me to my favorite Target location in 5 minutes flat! And yes, I was at Target again today. The man of the house ever so sweetly sent me there to buy filter for the fridge, which was unavailable in the Target location I visited yesterday. I’d take any excuse – maybe even make up one! – to go to Target! I can go there every single day. Hee hee. :D

2. Parking spot under the shade of a tree – This is how twisted we are. We don’t have those sun shades for the car.  So what we find ourselves doing is parking under a tree, extreme possibility of bird droppings notwithstanding. Haha! The parking spot was a little far away from the entrance of Target, giving me a chance to use my legs and burn an almost negligible amount of calories. Well, every step counts! Come to think of it, shade or no shade, I like parking far away from a building’s entrance. Seriously!

3. My trusty Ikea wok. – I’ve been cooking a lot these past few days. For the second consecutive day, I cooked with my wok, which brings us to #4.

4. Sweet and Spicy Shrimp – Simple yet yummy dish, which won me even more ganda (beauty) points from hubby and daughter. ;) I hope to post the recipe on my food blog as soon as I’m through with this entry. *cross fingers*

5. Mario Batali’s Molto Italiano cookbook  – I’ve had this cookbook for a very long time. But I don’t recall ever “consulting” it, that is, until today. I made (thin) spaghetti carbonara for dinner. Dinner was a hit with hubby and daughter. They were very well fed today. More ganda points for me! Hee hee.

6. More tennis videos of my very own little top-seed! – During tennis lessons this morning, the head coach at tennis camp invited me to come closer to the court so I can take a video of my girl at a better vantage point as she sampled the forehand to her fellow tennis campers. That was a very welcome surprise, because for the last three days, I just take my videos from outside the fence! :D

The day’s over. I’m ready to receive Friday’s treasures. :)

Cheers and mabuhay, y’all!  Blessings all around!