Marvelous Monday #1

on July 11, 2011 in Marvelous Monday

Everyday, just before I go to bed, I hope to type-up at least 3 things (more is better!) I am thankful for about the day – things that I particularly liked, things that made me smile…you get the picture. :) And because it will be challenging to come up with creative entry titles everyday, I shall give each day a generic title of sorts. Today, I start off with Marvelous Monday.

Let me get  countin’…

1. My Munchkin Girl started a week-long tennis camp this morning with the 10andUnder Quick Start Tennis Program. I am thankful that we are able to sign her up for such a wonderful program, short as it is. She had fun! She was confident on the court and hitting balls over the net. It looks like hubby and I won’t have to dangle a reward in front of her nose to make her attend lessons like we had to for swim class. Hurrah! :D

2. I went out some time in the afternoon to buy a few things…specific things.  Finding them all in stock at  very good prices made me a happy camper.  Shopping = happiness.  Shopping without paying high dollar = double happiness. It was, without a doubt, a double happiness kind of day! *wink*

3. I controlled my appetite. Woot! If things go according to plan (and they will!) I will be less “cheeky” in a couple of weeks. Enough said. Hee hee. :P

4. It’s 7-11’s birthday today, today being 7/11. ;) We all got a free slurpee! I loved my Pina Colada! Thank you, 7-11.

5.  We had cheese pizza for dinner for the price of a “like” on Facebook. Free!  Thank you, Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen! *thumbs up*

6. Last but not the least, I’m still getting birthday greetings on Facebook and birthday freebies in my inbox. Wheeeee! ;)

What were your highs for today or what are your highs so far?

Cheers and mabuhay, y’all! Blessings! Blessings!

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  1. Meeya says:

    this is a super great idea, weng. kapag sinipag ako, i will follow your lead. again, *kapag* sinipag ako, haha! for today, i’m happy that mian finally did her #2 this. record breaking 3 days na and i was getting a bit worried, haha! how’s that for a high?

    looking forward to reading even more of your everyday blessings :) *muah*


    Meeya Reply:

    *this morning :P


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