Everyday Thankful

on July 10, 2011 in About Me

And that, my dear readers is the new tagline of this blog. Today, July 10th, is as good a time as any to give this space the rebirth it has been longing for after a very long slumber. After all, today happens to be my birthday and I’m feeling especially thankful. *wink*

My latest Facebook status update pretty much sums up the tone this space will take from hereon…

Happiness is feeling and knowing that one is loved and especially blessed. I felt and I knew. I feel and I know. I am thankful and I am happy…very. Thank you, friends and family, who made me feel and let me know. Most of all, thank you, dear God! :)

As I count my blessings – things big and small that I’m thankful for – I urge you to do the same, everyday and every chance you get! Counting our blessings and being thankful for them are just two of the simplest things we can do to give way to countless more blessings to be thankful for. So make room! Blessings are about to pour in. And I am very very excited!

Happy re-birthday to this blog! Happy birthday to me!  Thank you, dear God, for your goodness, for all that I am, for all that I have and for all that I will receive.

Cheers, y’all!  Mabuhay!



3 Responses to “Everyday Thankful”

  1. Maligayang kaarawan po!


    munchkinmommy Reply:

    Maraming salamat po, Mimi! :)


  2. Meeya says:

    happy birthday! :) o hayan may official greeting na rin ako sa blog mo, heehee.

    and happy re-birth, blog! yey!


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