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Another 2-in-1 post. That’s a heck of a whole lot better than 3-in-1. ;)


Monday was marvelous because…

– I got to just chill for most of the day. Since we had guests last Sunday, the house has been tidied up. I also didn’t have to cook because we have left overs! Yeah!

– I made my usual rounds of my favorite stores and got everything I set out to buy except for 2 things.

– I liked Pier 1 on Facebook and got a $10 coupon. Guess where I was in the early evening of Monday. ;)

– my Munchkin Girl asked the darnedest thing while having dessert…

Munchkin Girl: Does Mimi (her maternal grandmother) have a sweet tooth?

Munchkin Mommy: Yes!

Munchkin Girl: Which one?


Tuesday was terrific because…

– I still didn’t have to cook! (Read: Leftovers and 2-piece $0.99 chicken at Church’s)

– of the melt in your mouth goodness that was the pastillas de leche we received in the mail a few days ago.

– my Munchkin Girl again said the darnedest thing while pleading her case for a new doll. I told her, “Maybe.” (That’s maybe to a Target doll, mind you!) And in the funniest sing-song manner, she said, “Maybe ka johhhhhn (diyan).”

– I discovered voice recordings of my daughter on hubby’s IPhone, which had me laughing uncontrollably.

I’ve got some pretty busy days ahead. This might not be the last of my 2-in-1 posts. :D

Cheers, y’all! Mabuhay!

I haven’t been able to update the last couple of days. It’s been a busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday for me and my family, hence this 2-in-1 post. *wink*

Fantastic Friday #2

1. Free Morning – Much as I love being able to relax by the pool during my daughter’s swim class, I’m glad we have 3 pool-free days a week. It’s a win-win situation: happy for pool time and happy still for pool-free time.

2. Hobby Lobby Coupons – Thanks to the craft store’s 40% off coupon, I was able to buy an urgent must buy item last week at a very reasonable price. I never buy anything from a craft store without at least a 40% off coupon! Ha!

3. Bake Night – I baked the night away last Friday. I baked a chocolate cake and some pound cake. They were both a success. Whew!

Wickedly Awesome Weekend  #2


1) Piggy Piggy Oink – I spent most of Saturday decorating a friend’s birthday cake – a pig-themed birthday cake.

My friend collects stuffed pigs and the cake is the edible version of one of the stuffed pigs (with suckling pigs!) in her collection. I was surprisingly very calm and relaxed while I was decorating this cake. Even hubby noticed my (unusual?) calmness. I’m thankful that my friend trusted me with her birthday cake. It’s safe to say that the cake was “well-liked” at the party…and on Facebook – 39 thumbs went up for this photo! I love my FB friends! Hee hee.

2) Pig-Out Night – Oh.My.Gosh. There was so much food at the party we attended. One can’t expect anything less at a Filipino party. That’s just how we do it. ;) My first plate would have had my mom shaking her head at me: grilled pork, pork binagoongan, dinuguan and some out-of-place lumpiang shanghai. Hahaha! After I recovered from the shock of my first plate, I didn’t eat much else…except dessert and pancit.

3) Happy HourS – I had a blast hanging out with friends old  and new. Hubby’s crimson cheeks were an indication that he too had a blast at the party. :P


1) Play Date – My daughter had a play date. It brings me so much joy to see her having fun with her gal pals.

2) Mallorca – Friends brought a big round tray of Mallorca from Costco. It tasted so much like the Filipino ensaymada, only a lot denser. Yum!

3) Home Cooked Meal – I cooked dinner for Abby’s friends and their parents. In two hours (maybe less!), I was able to cook 3 dishes plus homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. ;)

4) Marie Callender’s Custard Pie –  We had this for dessert. We had it with the homemade vanilla ice cream. Perfect combination! *burp*

Cheers to friends, birthdays, good food and good company! God is good!


I collected some pretty nice treasures today! I didn’t even have to hunt! Let me cut to the chase…

1) Milka – It’s one of my favorite chocolate brands. It brings me fond memories of trips I took with my Mom to Germany during my pre-domestic goddess days. A couple of little bites and I’m transported to various German cities. And I didn’t even have to board a Lufthansa flight! Don’t you just love taking gastronomic trips? No passports and visas required!

2) Surprise Package – Good things come in small packages. Today, it came in a USPS box. The good things? Food from the Philippines (Lapid’s Freshly-Popped Chicharon, pastillas de leche and macapuno balls)!

July is officially my personal Christmas! Haha! I love going to the mailbox. I always expect to receive something nice. And almost everyday, I do! ;)

3) “Thank You.” – Hubby and our little girl never fail to thank me for cooking a meal. They’re so sweet.

4) Pool Time – I love taking my daughter to swim class. I should really go swim, too, but I like to just relax on a lounge chair with a book and to chat and share some good laughs with my mommy friends. Being near the pool just plain relaxes me.

5) Friendly Cashiers – Check-outs are so much nicer and more pleasant when the person at the register is friendly and helpful and shares in my joy for snagging some very good deals. I’m blessed to almost always bump into them. Cashier profiling works! Kidding! :P

6) School Supplies – Just a handful more items and I’m officially done shopping for school supplies. I got some reasonably-priced items at Walmart.  The rest  I will buy from Target. ;)

7) EBay – That needs no explanation. ;)

How was your treasure hunt for Thursday? Mabuhay!


My Wednesday entry is overdue, and it’s not because I fell asleep. I’m actually lacking sleep these days! My brain seems to be working overtime, which is a good thing. Hee hee. Now, for my winnings…

1) McCafe Happy Hour – I’m not sure if all McDonald’s branches in the US have happy hour. The McDonald’s we frequent, which is practically next door to us, has McCafe happy hour on weekdays from 2pm to 5pm. Iced coffee, smoothies, frozen lemonades and frappes are BOGO, that is, buy one get one free. Hubby had his regular iced coffee and I had my hazelnut iced coffee. ;)

2) Adapting to a new routine – It’s been a little over 10 days since we added a new activity to my daughter’s daily schedule. She wasn’t so thrilled at first but now, she’s getting the hang of it. :) Hubby and I are happy and excited for her.

3) Claude 9 Crab Fat – I made Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Creamy Aligue (Crab Fat) Sauce for dinner. Yummy home-cooked meal in under 20 minutes is possible.

It’s a short list. But that doesn’t mean I was short on blessings. *wink*

Cheers and mabuhay! :)


To go through the day in a state of gratitude and thankfulness is a choice. We want to choose it, yes, but it’s sometimes easier to just get sucked into all things negative.  Knowing that I have to end the day with a list of things I’m thankful for leaves my “thankfulness radar” on high alert throughout the day so much so that I’ve gotten better at finding the positive in things that would otherwise be given a negative connotation, say, “chores”.  In the real world, who likes and looks forward to doing chores? Ha!

Here’ my list of terrifics:

1) Laundry – You read that right! Laundry! I don’t mind the loading into the washer and the dryer. What I mind – or at least, “used to” – is the folding and delivery to the respective closets. While I was folding clothes today, I told myself, instead of whining about laundry, I should be thankful instead that I have clothes to wash and fold…nice ones, at that! How’s that for a breakthrough? My therapist would be proud…if I had one. :P

2) “I love freestyle!” – That was music to my ears! I guess I wasn’t the only one who had a breakthrough today. :) My daughter told me that during her swim class, when she reached the edge of the pool close to where I was seated and attempting to read a book.

3) “I want to do my worksheets now.” – Say what? My daughter, who would  avoid doing any semblance of school work (mana sa…) actually asked for her “summer homework”. Well, well, well, I can get used to this!

4) Church’s Chicken Tuesdays – 2 pieces of chicken are only $0.99 at Church’s on Tuesdays.  Guess what we had for dinner. *wink*

5) Safe Travels – Someone I dearly love just got closer, closer she and I.  (Cue in Close-up music…” The closer I get to touching you, the closer I get to loving you, give it time just a little more time, we’ll be togehter…)

6) Ninang Auntie and Ninong Uncle – They are greatly and in part responsible for #5. ;)

Thank you, God, for a terrific Tuesday! Mabuhay!